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The best Athens tree service near you! We provide tree service that would assist you with your tree problems. Our company is the home of the best arborist in town. You will be having a great deal in availing of our tree services. We won’t just solve the tree problems that you are facing but also provide you some information and help you answer all your questions regarding proper tree care and other tree maintenance services that we have. We have a wide range of services to offer from Tree removal, cutting, trimming, stump grinding and removal, and many more!

Doing a tree job should only be entrusted to the professionals around you, it should not be done on your own. Doing tree service is a challenging task especially if it involves large trees or those that are positioned dangerously, that is why when thinking of doing such work, tree service Athens GA professionals should be commissioned! Moreover, we would like to warn people that they should be meticulous in hiring tree service providers. You should do a little bit of research on the people you are going to hire, it won’t cost you a dime. The ones you should hire should be able to ascertain the appropriate steps should they be taking when facing an issue. For example, services that involve tree removal or removal of branches from a risky location, such as near power lines should be handled by experienced and skilled professionals to get the job done right and without causing more problems.

It is important to do some background check on the company you choose to hire; a reliable Athens ga tree service company will be happy to open up their portfolio for you so that you will be able to see their qualifications, such as their permits, license, and some former clients’ testimonial after availing of their services. We give you this advice because it is what a company that is worth your time and money would do. We are proud to say that what has been said earlier are the things that Tree Service Athens GA would do!

If you are looking for an Athens tree service to assist you, call Tree Service Athens GA. We are a tree service company that has been providing help in the area of Athens, GA. From big to small problems that require help, we will be happy to lend you a hand for an affordable price!

About Us

Tree Service Athens GA’s goal is to provide quality service and to fulfill every one of our client’s desires and needs. We aim to provide the best tree service in our community. No matter what your tree problems are, as long as it involves your lawn and trees we will be able to help you! 

Tree Service Athens GA has been around for more than a decade now and has already served countless clients in the City of Athens, Georgia. The company is owned by a local, ensuring that we would never disappoint our fellow citizens with our services. In every tree problem you have, you will be needing the best tree services in the city. You can get the best tree services from Tree Service Athens GA!


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There are several reasons why a tree needs to be removed. However, no matter what your reason is, may it be because of disease, or it is dangerously positioned we will do it for you! Are you getting worried about a tree near your home? We can help you with that. We offer tree service at Athens GA and that includes Tree Removal. Our service is inexpensive and we take care of eliminating any kind of trees, no matter how big or small it is we can do it for you. Our crew is experts in tree removal, they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to effectively get the job done right!

Our Athens ga tree service also includes Tree trimming. Tree trimming is the cutting of your tree branches. Here at Tree Service Athens GA, you will be getting the services from experienced arborists! You will be assured and confident that your trees are well taken care of. Trees might need to be trimmed to take off the infected, damaged, and dead branches that can affect the overall health of your trees. It can also help to correct the positioning of branches that are dangerously located. In doing tree trimming, a deep understanding of tree biology is a must, and we are confident to say that the people in Tree Service Athens GA know a lot about trees!

The stump removal is a part of our tree service Athens GA,  it is a process that involves digging out the root of a recently fallen tree. Heaving up the whole bulky tree stump. Our crew is already experienced with the process and is equipped with the state of the art equipment to get things smooth and right! If you want to avail of our stump removal service call us now!

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With our tree service Athens GA, once the tree removal has been done. You have the option to either remove the stump as a whole or you can choose the stump grinding process. Here at Tree Service Athens GA, we can remove stumps in a less intrusive and cheaper way by using our stump grinding machine. Getting rid of the stumps after a tree has been cut or fallen is one important aspect of tree and lawn maintenance, it will improve the overall health of your lawn! Moreover, it will be able to protect your family from bugs and diseases that may threaten you and your family’s health if you just left the stump to rot.

Tree disease can be a huge problem because of the effects that it can have on the longevity of trees. These diseases are quick to spread and can even kill off a whole grove of trees. If you notice that one of your trees is diseased then please call us immediately because the longer you wait, the more damage it can do. 

Here at Tree Service Athens GA, we have the best crew of land and brush clearing specialists that has all the skills to get your lawn in great condition. We make sure that all of our staff are the best, they are trained, equipped with the skills, tools, and experience from providing service to numerous clients over the years. We will help you achieve a clear and clean property that you have always been wanting to have. If you are looking for the best brush clearing specialist in Athens, GA, give us a call now and we will be happy to receive your request and queries!


 “Due to the recent rainfall the trees in my yard had grown out of control. I had been putting off clearing them because I just couldn’t be bothered, that was until I got a notice from the HOA. I found them through a friend of mine and they managed to clear my yard in a single day!”
– Mindy K.


“The house I recently bought came with tree stumps and I couldn’t figure out how to remove them. My brother recommended these excellent people and I couldn’t be happier with their service” 
– Jonathan L


For any questions and concerns feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page. Our phone line is reachable at the scheduled business hours. For non-urgent inquiries our email is also available. We look forward to hearing from you!