Brush is mostly made of dead branches and fallen leaves and may not seem like an issue but it can lead to some really serious problems. The first problem occurs if the weather is dry and hot. Brush can act as kindling and can lead to a full blown fire that can result in serious bodily harm and property damage. In wet weather brush presents an altogether different problem. It can attract insects that make their homes in rotting leaves and wood. That can quickly lead to an infestation if not taken care of. There is also the fact that brush attracts small animals like racoons and possums. These animals can become a hassle because they are notorious for digging through garbage, breaking into homes, and spreading vile diseases. 

Fire Danger

Brush is an incredibly dangerous fire hazard because of its unpredictability. It can accumulate in a short amount of time and it needs little outside pressure to start smoking. That fire damage not only affects your property but it can also lead to serious injury and even death if not contained in time. It’s important to remember that brush can act as kindling and spread fire extremely quickly. If you have brush accumulating and don’t have the time to deal with it then please call us so that you don’t have to face the risk of such a crisis. 

Animal Houses

Brush is also a very convenient place for all sorts of animals to make their home. Racoons and possums may not seem that bad but they are extremely territorial animals and can attack on sight if they decide to make a nest in your backyard. There is also the danger of a rodent infestation because brush acts as a natural nest for mice and rats. These rodents can spread quickly and will start invading your home in sizeable numbers if you don’t deal with the nest quick enough. 

Proper Equipment

Most people don’t realize this but clearing away brush does require equipment. That equipment comes in handy when branches need to be cut down to smaller sized, and if rotting wood needs to be removed. Usage of such equipment can be time consuming as well as dangerous for you so you should call a professional if you think the problem is too big to handle alone. With our specialized equipment and highly trained personnel we can make quick work of any brush plaguing your house and make it look better than ever before. 

Dumping Process

The local municipal dump has designated locations for trash disposal. Getting all the brush over to the dump can be a real hassle. The process of hauling waste over to the dump and disposing of it properly can be time consuming. With us you won’t have to waste your time. You can do what you want to do while take care of the trash through years of experience.