Most people don’t realize how dangerous tree removal can be. Online videos are not an adequate substitute for actual certification and experience. Cleveland, TN Tree Pro prides itself on delivering safe and certified services so that our customers are always satisfied with our work. You can trust our team to safely remove any trees while keeping fire and safety hazards in mind. That also applies to any brush removal services because accumulated brush can pose a serious fire hazard.

Our services also including pruning and trimming trees. Trimming trees is incredibly important because badly managed trees can become stunted and not grow properly. That can look extremely unsightly in your yard, and can even lead to the tree’s death in extreme cases. Our team is well-versed in tree health and can take care of all trees and even treat them in the case of disease.

Stump removal is another of our specialties because of the new technique and equipment that we use. We utilize a process called stump grinding which reduces the stump to splinters so that they can removed safely and easily. That process is also great because it minimizes the damage done to the rest of the land.