Stump grinding is a unique way of removing a stump. Instead of getting rid of the stump and roots, grinding only focuses on the stump. It reduces it to splinters making it easier to pick up and dispose of. Grinding is suitable for many stumps because of how fast it is and how easy it makes removing the stump. Grinding also makes sure that the stump doesn’t spread any disease and doesn’t begin to rot as soon as it’s exposed to rainfall. Grinding is also suitable for a variety of stump sizes and is often use for stumps that are either too big or too small for removal. 

Grinding vs Full Removal

Stump grinding is incredibly different from full removal because of one basic fact. When we grind a stump, the roots are left underground so that the yard faces no damage. Ultimately, it all boils down to how close the stump is to physical structures. To decide which process is best, you should contact us so that our team can decide if it is safe to completely remove the stump, or if grinding it would be the best option for you. 

What is a Grinder?

A grinder is a specialized piece of equipment, akin to a chainsaw. It is a little different from the chainsaw though because a grinder is designed to cut through the hard, aged wood that makes up most stumps. The grinder is made of motor that implements a low torque to power ratio while still providing enough power to keep the blades spinning. That helps against the gnarled, thick wood which is a common enemy of chainsaws all around the world. Through a grinder, the wood of the stump is broken down, allowing us to easily clean it up and remove it from your yard. 

Stump Size

Stump size depends on the type of tree that it belongs to and how old it is. That can result in a lot of different stump sizes, even in one yard. With our grinders we can handle any and all sizes of stump sizes, it doesn’t matter if its the size of a small car tire or of a truck’s huge wheel. We keep our equipment regularly maintained so that we can always be ready for any size. That maintenance also comes in handy in the field because that knowledge helps us to deal with any problems that may arise during grinding. 

Less Time Consuming

Grinding stumps is much faster than completely removing the stump. That matters a lot if you’re short on time and don’t have time to spare waiting for us to finish our job. It also makes cleanup much faster and doesn’t have any negative effects on your yard. Through this process you can make sure that the stump is removed quickly and the aftereffects are reduced to nought.