Tree disease is one of the most common and prevalent problems that can plague a tree. It can completely cripple a tree and reduce it to nothing more than a pile of rotting wood. It’s important to deal with any tree disease immediately because it can spread like wildfire and reduce a whole grove to nothing. The complication with tree disease is that it affects each species differently and therefore become harder to deal with if it spreads across different species. You should immediately give us a call if you notice that one of your trees is sick because if we act fast enough we can save the tree before it completely crumbles. 

Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosing a tree is done the same way as it is done in humans. It is the most effective if it is done early because that allows to start treating as soon as possible. If the disease is allowed to gather strength it can become a real danger to the diseased tree itself, as well as other trees that lie near it. It is critical that you arrange professionals if you notice that your tree is diseased because it increases the chances of saving the tree and minimize the risk of the disease spreading to those at risk. 

Proper Treatment

Treating a tree is quite similar to treating humans. Just one treatment is often not enough which is why we always perform follow-ups with all the trees that we treat so that we can see whether the tree is responding to the treatment and what can be done to get rid of the disease completely. When you use our services, you can be sure that we won’t rest until the disease is completely gone because that is the only way to make sure that other trees are not affected and the diseased one has the best chance at survival. 

No Species Immune

All trees species are susceptible to disease. There is no tree in the world that is immune to all tree diseases. That means that the disease depends on the type of tree it is. Some trees are immune to some diseases while being more threatened by others. Our knowledge base helps in deciding which species is at risk for which disease and what can be done to get rid of it. If we arrive at a tree and we know its species then we can immediately start ruling out some diseases while testing the tree for other ones. Our years of experience allow us to perform this task efficiently and quickly.

Identifying Symptoms

Different disease present themselves in various ways. These symptoms are key at determining what is wrong with the tree and what can be done to treat it. If you notice anything out of place with your tree than please call us so that we can inspect the tree. If it is diseased then we can start working as soon as possible and that gives the tree a better chance at survival.